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glastepOwens GlaStep & GlaStep Plus running boards are made of multiple layers of premium fiberglass with steel reinforced mounting pads for extra strength (no plywood like most fiberglass companies use). They combine stylish ground effects with the practical function of running boards.

We offer fast and easy to install custom fit bracketry (several applications are NO DRILL into the vehicle).

GlaStep & GlaStep Plus are available in a wide selection of applications to fit the most popular Trucks, Vans, SUV’s and CUV’s.We also offer a paint program at a reasonable price so that you can install the running boards the same day they arrive.

Premier grip II series running boards are made from a high impact resistant, UV protected TPO plastic. This is the plastic the OEM’s prefer. These boards come with the non-slip Owens step pads pre-installed as well as a full length galvanized steel reinforcement under the step for added strength and custom fit body mount brackets (may need to be ordered separately depending on application).

Just like the GlaStep & GlaStep Plus, many applications require No Drilling into the vehicle.