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Owens Products, Inc. is proud to introduce the all new Jeep Venom Hood.

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The Venom Hood is an industry leading heat extraction hood specifically designed for the 2007 – 2016 Jeep Wrangler two door and four door models.

It is a full functioning heat extraction hood ready to transform your Jeep into the aggressive style you have been looking for.

Should you be nervous that is constructed from fiberglass? The answer is no. We have designed the Venom hood with dense layers of fiberglass that is reinforced it with aluminum supports where needed.

Venom hoods have been tested across the nation at various off-road parks and climate levels to ensure that you are getting the best hood on the market for your Jeep.

The Venom Hood is nearly 50% lighter than your factory steel hood and will keep a solid structure for rock crawling and off-road use.

Each hood is hand crafted here in the USA, with pride. You will see for yourself how our craftsmanship and fitment, as well as the overall quality of the hoods, are second to none.

The Venom Hood comes ready for paint right out of the box with minimal prep work needed from your body shop to get them ready to paint.

All hoods are backed by our three year 36,000 mile warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials.

Jeep owners like the ability to customize anything on their Jeeps, with that in mind we ship the aluminum perforated sheets unattached to allow each Jeep owner the option to custom paint / dip the heat extraction vents to their liking.

Turning heads at Jeep / car shows is what the Venom Hood will do. Expect attention and plan on people taking plenty of pictures with their cameras and cell phones. Your Jeep will be a social media phenomenon in no time.

These hoods do ship truck freight and it is suggested that you call in and ask for a shipping quote prior to ordering.

You can contact your local 4x4 shop or call Owens Jeep Products direct at 800-726-9367.

Let your engine breath and make your statement with the Owens Jeep Performance Venom Hood!

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